The 5 “E-values” of ConsultantSeas

The 5 E-values of ConsultantSeas ? These are the values that guide our actions and decisions on a daily basis: Engagement – Commitment, Epanouissement – Fulfilment, Esprit d’équipe – Team spirit, En profondeur – In depth, En mouvement – In motion (yes, we cheat a little on the E’s).

The first E-value : Engagement – Commitment

🌍 The core of our commitment? Preserving the ocean and its biodiversity: ConsultantSeas’ mission is to prevent plastic pollution in the ocean, by acting at the heart of the problem, upstream of the pollution. We support companies and other organisations to reduce their plastic footprint, individually or by positioning ourselves as facilitators of a multi-stakeholder collaboration.

💪 Without claiming to be exemplary, we strive (in fact, it’s not really an effort, it’s quite natural!) to apply to ourselves what we advocate. In English, the expression is “walk the talk”. This is why we have made various commitments internally, such as the trend towards zero waste, the non-use of single-use plastic, the reuse of furnishing or office equipment, or the reduction of our carbon emissions. For us, it is obvious to face the 8.5 hour journey between Brest and Marseille to travel by train.

⭐ The commitment is therefore that of our profession, of what we build as a team with our clients and with our partners. It is also what each of us embodies and defends more personally. Because it’s so much better to work in line with our values!

The second E-value : Esprit d’équipe – Team spirit

Team spirit is crucial for us, and it includes many things: combining with each other’s ways of being and doing while giving priority to the collective, supporting each other on a daily basis – from coffee breaks to technical reinforcement on a file, celebrating successes together and debriefing disappointments, getting inspired and growing by working together, sharing our visions of the company, sharing a meal, a reading, a board game…

🤔 On this occasion, we invite you to discover a team meeting that contributes to weaving and strengthening our bonds, and to act together to help prevent plastic pollution. The Step Back is held every other Friday, and it’s about brainstorming on a topic to bring up new ideas, develop new offers, contribute to strategic thinking, question and improve our internal functioning…

🌊 It is an opportunity for team members, all positions included, to express themselves on different courses of our ConsultantSeas “boat”; and also to practice collective intelligence workshops. If you pass by our offices on a Friday lunchtime, you can see us mysteriously waving around panels of coloured post-its which, while waiting to be converted into action plans, decorate the walls of our offices!

The third E-value : Epanouissement – Fulfilment

⭐ Beyond a human-sized consulting firm, ConsultantSeas is also a warm and friendly workspace. Wellness at work is not an option for us, but a necessity. This post is an opportunity to share with you 2 major factors of fulfilment at work at Consultant Seas:

🌱 Meaningful work 

Our missions are not a simple professional occupation but a source of motivation and challenge.  We really believe in what we do, and if there is an ounce of ethical doubt, we talk about it and give ourselves the right to say no. The sharing of tasks, projects and the distribution of roles within the organisation is a way of never being bored at your job, of being autonomous while being surrounded, and of being valued within the team.

☀️ An environment conducive to well-being

The cooperative and benevolent way in which the team operates creates a climate of mutual trust between team members and allows for flexibility in work (teleworking, flexible hours, etc.). Listening to each other, the key words at CS are support, communication and sincerity, whether we are sailing on a calm or turbulent sea.

🌊 Thanks to these values and this way of working, the team combines its commitments and its cultural and sporting activities with its daily professional life. Thus, in Brest, between 2 waves or 2 gusts, 2 dance sessions or 2 pedal strokes, one can see a blossoming team, in which each one can dream of personal and collective projects, ordinary outings or trips, reunions with loved ones or moments to oneself…

In short, the blossoming of each individual allows us to be united and motivated, ready to fight plastic pollution!

The fourth E-value : En mouvement ! – In motion

⛵”Innovative and optimistic, we seek to be the actors of the change we believe in”, is the phrase you can read on our website about this 4th E. Because wanting a future with a healthy ocean is not only dreaming it, imagining it, but also contributing to it concretely on a daily basis. And this is what we are doing: working from the local to the international level, with all stakeholders, and in particular businesses – an indispensable vector for this paradigm shift that is required to reduce global plastic pollution.

➡️ We are therefore on the move every day, and even more so recently since we moved our offices! After two years in which the environment of the Village by CA Finistère has supported us a lot, during which we have been able to grow and structure ourselves, we have crossed the Penfeld – the river of Brest for those who have not yet visited us – and taken flight in our new premises. Thank you to all the team of the Village for your welcome, your help, your networking, and for our beautiful collaboration which does not stop there! 

☀️ So we went back to school in 2023 at La PAM. And once again, there was no question of standing still: the team mobilised and pulled together at the end of an already intense year to furnish our future premises. The challenge was great: to furnish with as much salvage as possible and as little new as possible, all within a (very) reasonable budget! The objective has almost been reached and you can now visit us in this nest of circular economy and greenery – we have green plant fans among our teammates 😉

The fifth and last E-value : En profondeur – In depth

At ConsultantSeas we are not afraid of complexity. We dive into the different topics with straightforwardness, reliability and intellectual rigour.

🌊 We carry out each assignment with the ambition to have as much impact as possible. When it comes to the fight against plastic pollution, we do not take things lightly. While we consider all of the 5Rs solutions (article on the subject), in accordance with the hierarchy of waste management methods, we systematically seek to move towards solutions that reduce and eliminate packaging/plastic as a priority. These sometimes involve changes in usage, distribution models and production methods. Having an impact that will contribute to changing consumption patterns is what drives us on a daily basis.

👥 This requirement to work on complex subjects naturally leads us to cooperate and to surround ourselves with others to complete our expertise. Calling on specialists in sometimes very different subjects, in material sciences, in information and communication sciences, or even in project engineering, allows us to improve the relevance and robustness of our work. To give concrete examples: we don’t stop at the recyclability of packaging, we study the actual recyclability thanks to CIRCPACK®; and if we have to talk about open sciences, we partner with Datactivist.

❌ Getting to the heart of the matter also means remaining consistent with our values and our primary mission to preserve the ocean. A non-negotiable point for us: obviously, no greenwashing! At ConsultantSeas, we are committed to monitoring the impact of our actions to ensure that they are having an effect – this allows us to measure successes, and also what is not working so well! And before any communication, we make sure that the actions are in place and have the expected effects.

😃 Let’s remain curious, attentive and open; this is a posture that limits the risk of falling into simplistic analyses. It can happen to us, as it does to everyone, and what matters then is to be aware of it and to learn. Thank you for watching over it with us!


⏭ This is the end of this series on our “5E-values”, we hope you have enjoyed it and learnt a little more about ConsultantSeas, its aspirations and commitments. A next series is in the works, check out our LinkedIn to find out more!


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