Our work


We support corporate strategic leadership and multi-stakeholder collaboration to prevent ocean plastic pollution.


aims to drive enhanced corporate leadership in reducing plastic pollution at sea:

• A scientific corpus evolving rapidly;

• Increased regulatory and media pressure;

• A crowded landscape of initiatives;

• No clear guidance as to how to solve strategically andcollectively the problem.


We support companies in developing, implementing and assessing their strategy to reduce their plastic impact.

Gathering and coordinating multi-stakeholder partnerships

We bring together  businesses, associations, international organisations, public institutions and scientists around a common ambition. We coordinate projects with and for them.

Providing technical expertise

We provide our technical expertise on plastics for projects and assignments both at a strategic level and on the ground.

Our clients :

  • Gain access to scientific information translated into strategic content.

  • Anticipate their exposure to the main threats related to ocean plastic pollution – regulations, reputation, procurement.

  • Join and shape a community of actors with various profiles: individuals, academia, business, public sector.

  • Become leaders of a collective action to prevent plastic pollution.

  • Benefit from methodological support and in-depth field studies.


is a broker to facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration and thought leadership on ocean plastics reduction.

“As with many other complex challenges, slowing the flow of plastics into the ocean will require concerted, coordinated and collaborative global action from industry, citizens, non governmental organizations, governments at all levels, philanthropists and investors. It also touches many large, slow-moving, and interconnected sectors of the economy.”

Moss, E., Eidson, A., and Jambeck J., 2017.

They trust us

With ConsultantSeas, their commitments to a plastic-free ocean come to life.


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