ConsultantSeas through the One Ocean Summit

The city of Brest, home of ConsultantSeas, hosted the One Ocean Summit on February 9, 10 and 11 in its Ateliers des Capucins. With the objective of raising the level of ambition of the international community on maritime issues, the event brought together about 40 heads of state and ministers, the President of the European Commission and the President of the Council. Within the scope of the Summit, several events were organized throughout the city of Brest on the ocean theme. Let’s have a look at our involvement during this week rich in encounters and learnings.

Waves of Breizh

ConsultantSeas was invited to speak at the “Waves of Breizh” event (see the article written by the Telegram on the subject), organized by Waves of Change in partnership with the Village by CA. The objective of the event was to go “from pact to action” by bringing together actors of the Breton territory through four collaborative workshops to address issues raised by Hoali, Movin’On (Michelin), the Ocean Climate Platform and ConsultantSeas. Marie was able to share with the participants the methods and arguments to convince a CEO to engage his organization in a project to reduce its plastic footprint, while Elodie and Camille worked with other groups on the challenges of port decarbonation and selling liquids in bulk. It was a rich moment of exchange and we thank all the participants and organizers of this workshop.

Welcoming our network of partners on our home in Brest

During this time, Diane represented ConsultantSeas at the Apér’Océan organized by the RespectOcean network, of which ConsultantSeas is a member. A great opportunity to share a convivial moment with the network and to create new links!

Many of our clients and partners were also present and active during the forum. Among them were Surfrider Foundation, the Tara Ocean Foundation, the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique team and the Campus Mondial de la Mer.

Main advances in plastic pollution during the summit

From these different sessions but also from the Leaders’ Summit on Friday, February 11th, the following main advances concerning plastic pollution were achieved:

  • 4 new countries, the city of Paris and the maritime region of Central Greece joined the 500 signatories of the “Global Commitment to a New Plastics Economy” supported by the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation.
  • Two European banks and the French, German, Italian and Spanish development agencies have pledged to double their contribution to the “Clean Oceans Initiative”, which finances projects to reduce marine plastics, representing a sum of 4 billion euros by 2025.
  • In France, the government has announced the treatment of 50 coastal landfills identified as priorities to prevent plastic waste from leaking into the sea.
  • The perspective of an international treaty on plastic pollution has also been announced with the next UN General Assembly in sight.

The follow-up in a few weeks!


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