The ConsultantSeas team is back from Pollutec!

Back from the Pollutec 2021 exhibition, we offer you an insight into our learnings and the highlights of our participation.

The tone of this edition was set at the opening ceremony of the Sea and Coast forum: the challenges of plastic pollution at sea must be tackled through the commitment of stakeholders on land, a vision shared by our consultancy. Raphaëla Le Gouvello, the sponsor of the forum and founder of the RespectOcean network, of which ConsultantSeas is a member, led this first conference on the challenges of protecting the ocean, and the Mediterranean in particular.

Marie, Elodie and Camille were able to move among 50,000 visitors and 2,200 exhibitors, who came to discuss the issues and solutions for the ecological transition. Through meetings on our stand and B2B meetings, we were able to meet new players, answer questions on plastics strategies and initiate new partnerships. An opportunity to explore new synergies at the crossroads of plastic pollution and ocean preservation.

It was also a great opportunity to meet again with members of the BeMed Business College and the RespectOcean network and to share a pleasant moment.

Plastic-related issues were at the forefront of more than 400 conferences at Pollutec and about 20 at the Sea and Coast forum. Key players Patrick Deixonne (Expedition 7th Continent) and Simon Bernard (Plastic Odyssey) reminded us of the importance of multi-sector and multi-partner action to reduce plastic upstream of pollution at sea.

The Director of ConsultantSeas, Marie Le Texier, led a conference on the role of companies in preventing plastic pollution. This was an opportune moment for our guests Lucile Courtial (Secretary-General of the BeMed association) and Florent Kohler (Area Key Account Director of the InterContinental Marseille – Bordeaux – Lyon) who came to share their experience in terms of multi-stakeholder commitments to move towards systemic changes and reduce plastic pollution at sea. 

As a bonus, this week also saw the announcement of Brest as the host city for the One Ocean Summit early next year. This is very good news for the region’s dynamic approach to maritime issues!

The Pollutec exhibition, and more particularly the Sea and Coast forum, was a key event in the ConsultantSeas agenda to exchange with an ecosystem of players in the ecological transition, to communicate on the firm’s work and to draw attention to the challenges of marine plastic pollution. 

A big thank you to all of you for coming to discuss with our team at Pollutec!


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