ConsultantSeas @ the Our Ocean 2018 Summit

Only a couple of days left until the Our Ocean Summit 2018, for which ConsultantSeas has been selected to attend.

The first Our Ocean conference was held in 2014 and since then the various editions of the event have generated commitments totalling around US$18 billion and 12.4 million square kilometers of marine protected areas.

The fifth Our Ocean Conference, to be held in Bali on October 29th– 30th 2018 will focus on the theme, ‘Our Ocean, Our Legacy’. It will continue to drive high level commitments towards marine protected areas, sustainable fisheries, marine pollution, climate change, sustainable blue economy and maritime security.

Indonesia together with other four southeast Asian countries and China have been acknowledged to account for over half of the global annual leakage to the Ocean. Marine Pollution is therefore likely to attract special attention during the Summit.

ConsultantSeas will be present at the Summit to present our Ocean Action Lighthouse (OAL) project. The OAL is an online tool that virtually maps out ocean plastics reduction projects worldwide. Our aim is to create the conditions for enhanced collaboration across actors of the plastic value chain and across geographies to scale up individual efforts.

In the Indian Ocean Basin more specifically, there are over 100 voluntary commitments registered on the Community of Ocean Action on Marine Pollution. Yet, there is limited visibility on who is doing what and where.

Increasing the capacity of community members to navigate through the complexity of this landscape would likely foster new partnerships along the plastics value chain and accelerate the replication of best practices across the region.

We do hope that our commitment will make a difference. Stay tuned to hear our progress and feedback from Bali!


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