Celebrating ConsultantSeas third anniversary and new website!

This year, ConsultantSeas is celebrating its third anniversary. We were very lucky to receive a nice package, free of plastic wrapping and full of gifts! There we found :

  • 1 completely revised and updated website, to highlight the developments and successes of the recent years
  • 2 new full-time colleagues, to work side by side with Marie and our freelancers
  • 3 pillars, to structure our consulting offer – Advising, gathering and coordinating multi-stakeholder partnerships, providing technical expertise

And it does not stop there, the list goes on…

  • Four case studies, to illustrate our expertise and some of our achievements
  • Five verbatims, from our clients thanking us
  • Six partners, to support us in our missions

… and on again, if we count all our missions and clients, current and future.  We are definitely very lucky. And this is just the beginning of our adventure, we can’t wait for our 4th birthday celebration!

Thank you for your support and your trust!

And last but not least, a very special thank you to Séverine CHAUSSY for her work on the conception of the website.


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