The ConsultantSeas team wishes you all a happy new year 2022!

We would like to take you on a brief journey through the highlights of the past year and the projects to come. Welcome aboard!

ConsultantSeas has sailed through this year with many projects. It was a key moment for the BeMed Business Club that we support, which now has 12 member companies involved and motivated to prevent plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. It was also the start of the pilot project “Towards a zero single-use plastic hotel” at the InterContinal Marseille – Hotel Dieu, with concrete actions to eliminate, reduce or replace single-use plastics. We are also adding local reuse loops* to our technical stopovers missions. In 2021, ConsultantSeas has also built up its presence in Brest through events such as Ressour’seas and meetings, in particular thanks to the publication of an article on our work in the Télégramme.

ConsultantSeas will continue to stay the course in 2022: new partnerships and diversification of missions are on the agenda, always working at all levels, from Finistère to the international level.

Increasing our visibility was also part of our 2021 sailing program. Last October, part of the team made a stopover in Lyon during the Pollutec forum to take part in the first edition of the Mer & Littoral Forum: a highlight which we summarise here. Our website was redesigned and got a new look in 2021! In 2022, our events radar will guide us first to the One Ocean Summit in February and then to the Plastic Summit in July, both of which will take place in Brest.

The road and the course could not have been kept without a rich and fulfilling life onboard in parallel. In 2021, ConsultantSeas has had its team doubled in size in one year: we are now 6 full-time employees. Louise and Manon are exploring new horizons, allowing Camille, Juliette and Pascal to join as junior consultants, right-hand to the CEO, BeMed project manager and senior consultant, strategy and growth.
ConsultantSeas will continue its cruise with a team of 6 full-time staff in 2022 and hopes to keep on board as much good humour, group cohesion and great team moments. ConsultantSeas is now moored in offices within the Village by CA Finistère: a privileged opportunity to benefit from the team’s expertise and network. We should be moving to new offices in Brest in 2022.


Our crew is ready to take on the surprises of the coming year and to continue to strengthen and grow!

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