Ocean Action Lighthouse

Ocean Action Lighthouse: ConsultantSeas is excited to launch its new project ‘Ocean Action Lighthouse’! The Ocean Action Lighthouse is an online tool that virtually maps out ocean plastics reduction projects worldwide. Our aim is to create the conditions for enhanced collaboration across actors of the plastic value chain and across geographies to scale up individual efforts. We also want to help shape a common practice for impact assessment.

To date, there is no easy access to the global landscape of ocean plastics reduction initiatives. As the problem is being tackled on a larger scale with a mounting number of actors, the landscape of initiatives tends to crowd itself. And there is limited visibility on who is doing what and where. Plus, the notion of best practices in combatting ocean plastics is in its infancy, and so are the tools to measure the impact of actions. These are the gaps we aim to fill.

Stay tuned if you want to know more about this ambitious project’s developments: 


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