Celebrating ConsultantSeas third anniversary and new website!

Celebrating ConsultantSeas third anniversary and new website!

Celebrating ConsultantSeas third anniversary and new website!

This year, ConsultantSeas is celebrating its third anniversary. We were very lucky to receive a nice package, free of plastic wrapping and full of gifts! There we found :

  • 1 completely revised and updated website, to highlight the developments and successes of the recent years
  • 2 new full-time colleagues, to work side by side with Marie and our freelancers
  • 3 pillars, to structure our consulting offer – Advising, gathering and coordinating multi-stakeholder partnerships, providing technical expertise

And it does not stop there, the list goes on…

  • Four case studies, to illustrate our expertise and some of our achievements
  • Five verbatims, from our clients thanking us
  • Six partners, to support us in our missions

… and on again, if we count all our missions and clients, current and future.  We are definitely very lucky. And this is just the beginning of our adventure, we can’t wait for our 4th birthday celebration!

Thank you for your support and your trust!

And last but not least, a very special thank you to Séverine CHAUSSY for her work on the conception of the website.

ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

Looking back on a pivotal year and heading towards 2021 for ConsultantSeas!

From an environmental point of view, 2020 will remain marked by a major paradox. On one hand, the economic crisis caused by the sanitary situation led to budget cuts within many companies, and particularly on CSR budgets. On the other hand, the successive lockdowns and sharp slowdown in the global economy raised environmental awareness within companies and among the employees of these same firms.

How did ConsultantSeas manage to navigate through this situation?  

We are delighted that our clients were able to maintain their commitments! We have been very lucky to experience a dense and intense year, notably marked by the public launch of the BeMed Business Club at the end of November 2020. The Club aims at facilitating exchanges between companies from the whole plastics’ value chain, scientists and NGOs active on the field, in order to encourage collective emulation and fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. The first members of this College, Veolia, the Monte-Carlo group Société des Bains de Mer, Chanel, Haribo and Carrefour, have already started working and are fully committed to its activities.

This year was also marked by our ConsultantSeas team’s structuration, which continues to grow with the recent arrival of Diane Vaschalde and Elodie Solal onboard, respectively as manager and junior consultant. We are now about fifteen, counting, in addition to the core full-time team, our freelance consultants supporting our various missions.

2021 will be the opportunity for us to continue supporting our clients in facing a changing world accelerated by the crisis. A change that will require a number of adjustments, both strategic and operational, for players wanting to be part of tomorrow’s world.

We are extremely pleased and proud to be a part of this transition. 

The whole ConsultantSeas team wishes you an excellent year 2021!

The next generation of students is ready to face the greatest environmental challenges to come

The next generation of students is ready to face the greatest environmental challenges to come

The next generation of students is ready to face the greatest environmental challenges to come

ConsultantSeas attended the Carrefours HEC Carreer Fair last Thursday, Jan 23rd. The opportunity for us to see that the new generation of students is aware of global sustainability challenges and is willing to contribute to solving them.

The trend continues. Young graduates are increasingly seeking a first professional experience in a start-up or an SME rather than in a large organization. Several studies in 2017 and 2018 confirm this trend. More than ever, green and sustainability jobs are gaining momentum.

We were able to experience this from the inside during the day we spent on HEC Paris campus for the big career fair that was organized last Thursday Jan. 23rd. We were amazed at the level of interest generated by ConsultantSeas. A consultancy specialized in ocean sustainability is ultimately the combination of the desire for demanding, training and consulting jobs and the personal aspirations and convictions of these young people.

Marie Le Texier, ready to welcome students at ConsultantSeas’ stand at HEC Career Fair 2020

« I would like to work in the field of consulting but at the same time, I feel more and more concerned by environmental issues. ConsultantSeas seems to combine these two aspects”, one of them confides to me.

This change in mentality is a great signal for our planet and our ocean. If young talents begin their careers with the aim to contribute to improving our production and consumption models, then tomorrow’s leaders will all be aware of these issues. Their ‘mindset’ will have been configured differently from that of their elders. Environmental and social concerns will be at the core of all business strategies.

We are extremely happy and filled with positive energy thanks to all these wonderful meetings last week. The world of tomorrow is in the making. And ConsultantSeas is most happy and proud to be right at the center of this dynamic!














ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

ConsultantSeas’ team wishes you all a Happy New Year !

Moving from one year to another, what’s more from a decade to another, is a perfect opportunity to take stock of the past year. What have been ConsultantSeas’s main highlights in 2020? Here is a feedback on a busy year, before moving on to 2020.

Among the main events for us in 2019 is, with no doubt, the signing of the French Pact on Plastic Packaging last February 21st. ConsultantSeas was in charge of ensuring the consultation between all 14 signatories – 11 of the biggest food and beverage companies in France, the French Ministry of Environment, Tara Ocean Foundation and WWF, in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We have also coordinated the implementation of the Pact’s engagements in its first year. More information to come on the Pact’s anniversary on Feb. 21st 2020. Stay tuned!

2019 was also the opportunity for ConsultantSeas to work for the first time in the sports event sector, alongside the organizers of the famous sailing race The Ocean Race (former Volvo Ocean Race). We worked together to design and implement their first two Innovation Workshops held in Genoa last September. A public communication on those two events is currently being planned.

The rest of the content of our assignments being confidential, we will stop here for the feedback on our 2019 projects. We are eager to share some results with you, especially regarding the Mediterranean Basin, but patience is the key word here.  

Beyond those achievements, ConsultantSeas’ team also grew in 2019. Tatiana Fedotova, Emmanuelle Huet, Sara Traubel et Nicholas Davis joined us as strategic advisor, full time junior consultant, and freelance support respectively. A warm thank you to all of you for your hard-work!

What about 2020 ?

Based on these statements, what are our main perspectives for 2020?

  • Pursue and consolidate these outcomes. It is essential for us to implement long-lasting solutions. This is in fact the essence of ‘sustainability’.
  • Develop new types of projects, offers and reach out to new industrial sectors concerned with plastic pollution.
  • Continue to implement our values – righteousness, sincerity, ethics – and our vision: Innovative solutions and collaborative business models to sustainably protect the ocean from pollution.

A very happy New Year to all of you!



Profile n°2: Marion Cabridens, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Profile n°2: Marion Cabridens, Surfrider Foundation Europe

Profile n°2: Marion Cabridens, Surfrider Foundation Europe

After the interview of Anne-Cécile Turner released yesterday, we are continuing our journey to meet another one of the 3 women involved in preventing ocean plastic pollution, whom we have interviewed to celebrate World Oceans Day 2019.

Our invitee of today is Marion Cabridens, who is in charge of fund raising for Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Marion, the floor is yours!


Could you briefly present yourself? How does your job allow you to contribute to protecting the ocean?

My name is Marion Cabridens, I am from the Basque coast in France. I have been engaged in social and environmental projects for fifteen years. The ocean is a way of life for me, it’s a source of energy, of great joys, a playground … I am eager to commit to protecting this environment.

I am in charge of fund raising for Surfrider Foundation Europe. My responsibility is to raise funds to finance our projects. I am not directly contributing to protect the ocean but rather facilitating the implementation of projects that will do so. This is a fantastic job, that links passion, engagement, perseverance and human skills above all!


Which concrete solutions does your organization implement to solve the plastic pollution challenge?

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an NGO dedicated to ocean protection. We have been fighting against plastic pollution for more than 25 years. Our objective is to prevent pollution at its source, and we are acting through various levers: awareness campaigns, mobilization of our network of volunteers, beach clean-ups, participatory science projects to collect data on the types of pollution sources and act accordingly, scientific projects on rivers, lobbying at the industrial and regulatory levels, …

For instance, Surfrider strongly contributed to the EU Strategy on single-use plastics to forbid or regulate all sorts of plastic products that we find in rivers and oceans (bottles, straws, cotton swabs, plastic cutlery, food and beverage packaging, …).

We are in fact launching this year a major campaign for a zero-plastic ocean. The campaign’s objective is twofold: on the one hand, continue our engagement to end single-use plastic when sustainable alternatives do exist; on the other hand, be a whistleblower to raise awareness on the issue of micro-plastics, that is an invisible source of pollution but a major issue for the environment and human health.


What would be, in your opinion, the solutions to implement in the near future to solve the issue at the pace and scale it requires?

Honestly, at the pace and the scale required, the solution is to refuse single-use plastics when alternatives exist. This is simply common sense: use a cloth bag, a reusable water bottle, a mug, consume products in bulk and produced locally, … But responsibility is not to be borne by consumers only. It is essential to engage everybody, citizens, institutions to adopt the right kind of regulations, companies to innovate responsibly by developing environmentally friendly products (from product design to products use and end of life).

In fact, we have to change our societal model to place human beings, environment, collective intelligence at the center of the system.

Marion Cabridens is fundraising manager @Surfrider Foundation Europe.