The consultancy
specialized in strategies
to reduce ocean plastics.

About us

All actors are being called upon to act and contribute. ConsultantSeas helps shape the definition of strategies and best practices in reducing marine pollution.

Our work

Land-based actions, for offshore impacts.

We support corporate strategic leadership and multi-stakeholder collaboration to prevent ocean plastic pollution..

We help our clients find solutions across the entire plastic value chain, providing our expertise in France and internationally. Our work is based around three main pillars :

  • Advising 
  • Gathering and Coordinating multi-stakeholder partnerships 
  • Providing technical expertise

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With ConsultantSeas, their commitments to a plastic-free ocean come to life.


UN World Ocean Day 2021

UN World Ocean Day 2021

This Tuesday, June 8, 2021 is #UNWorldOceanDay2021, get ready for a wave of posts from us all this week! Monday, the weather update, we share our program as well as the official event page  Tuesday, ConsultantSeas team leaves its home port in Finistère, and heads to...

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Tons of plastic

8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean annually


700,000 Fibers released per individual wash load of 6kg.


Plastic packaging

Globally only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling, and by 2050 the ocean could contain more plastics than fish (by weight).


1400 voluntary commitments to SDG14 issued from all types of actors and geographies.